Revitalizing Your Oral Health: Corrective and Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry includes a broad spectrum of treatments and procedures that repair damage to the teeth, gums and oral structures to improve chewing function, prevent further dental problems and bolster appearance. Many of these treatments are minimally invasive and designed to be long-lasting.

The most common and popular restorative treatment is a dental filling. This procedure repairs small holes that develop in a tooth when bacteria eat away at the enamel, causing decay. Dental fillings can also repair cracked or chipped teeth. More advanced restorations like dental crowns and bridges replace missing teeth, preventing the empty spaces from causing further decay in the surrounding teeth, as well as minimizing stress on the remaining natural teeth.

Another restorative treatment is an endodontic treatment such as a root canal, which saves infected or damaged dental pulp and restores the natural strength of the tooth. Similarly, an implant replaces the root of a lost tooth, helping to preserve the density of the jaw bone and preventing the need for more invasive and costly tooth replacement surgery in the future.

In addition to restoring your oral health and improving the functionality of your mouth, restorative dentistry can boost your self-esteem by fixing your smile and removing any cosmetic issues that may make you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about your teeth and gums. If you have missing or broken teeth, these treatments will replace them to give you a more attractive smile that will make you look younger and healthier.

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is the best way to avoid the need for invasive restorative treatments. By brushing and flossing twice a day and attending your regular dental checkups, you can help to prevent cavities, deterioration and other dental problems. If you do have a problem, such as a cavity or a broken tooth, it’s important to come in for a dental appointment right away. By catching these problems early on, you can usually avoid more extensive and expensive restorative treatments.

When you choose a dentist in Torrance who is experienced in restorative dentistry, you can be confident that the solutions they provide will be both long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. By taking the time to address your dental concerns, you can enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile for life! To learn more about restorative and cosmetic dentistry or to schedule an appointment, call or text us today. We look forward to helping you maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

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