How to Lower Your Energy Costs with Commercial Solar Power

If you’re looking for a low-cost and sustainable energy solution for your business, commercial solar power might be the answer. Many states and utilities offer incentives to customers who install solar power systems. Some commercial solar systems can even completely offset your business’s electricity bill. Other systems are grid-tied and export surplus power to the grid. This means you can export your power whenever you’re not using it, and earn the full retail rate for the power you export. Using solar for your business will stabilize energy expenses and help protect you from the volatility of the energy market.

Aside from its environmental benefits, commercial solar power can help businesses achieve their corporate social responsibility goals. For-profit organizations can generally take advantage of a tax write-off and a 26% investment tax credit. These benefits are particularly helpful for commercial solar projects, since most of them are under the MACRS depreciation system, which provides zero depreciation over five years and additional tax earnings. Additionally, governmental agencies and utility companies may offer local incentives, such as solar tax credits and REAP grants.

After installation, proper care and maintenance will extend the system’s life span and maximize its efficiency and power generation. When choosing a solar energy contractor, ask how much involvement they will provide during the first few years. Look for a company with proven resources and a reputation for long-term support. The best packages will include basic inspections, warranty repair, performance monitoring, and routine cleaning. And you’ll be able to compare prices and benefits of various commercial solar providers in your area.

Commercial solar power will significantly lower your energy costs. Some companies opt for smaller, high-efficiency panels, while others opt for higher-end options that can be installed with less money. It all depends on your specific needs. Some businesses need fewer high-efficiency panels than others, while others have unlimited space. Regardless of the size of your facility, however, it’s important to consider how much you’ll need to offset your current energy costs. To find out what your commercial solar power system costs, contact a local solar installer to get an estimate.

Besides saving money, commercial solar energy can also increase employee satisfaction and improve your reputation. Studies have shown that employees respond favorably to companies that adopt a sustainable business strategy. Moreover, solar energy can provide a return on investment in less than ten years – on average, commercial solar systems produce an average payback in five to six years. Not only that, but it can also add value to the real estate of your building. And who doesn’t want to feel good about their company’s contribution to the environment and the community?

Commercial solar power systems will reduce carbon emissions, lower your electricity bills, and decrease your grid consumption. They also strengthen your company’s corporate social responsibility and environmental credentials. In addition, solar energy systems help you plan your annual budget and accurately forecast operating costs. They can also generate revenue for your business through net metering programs. In fact, a 50-kW commercial solar power system can produce up to 65,000 kWh of clean energy each year.

Additionally, a commercial solar power installation can improve your property’s energy efficiency. If you’ve already done some work on the property, you can incorporate recommended changes to boost energy efficiency. In addition to lowering your business’s costs, a commercial solar installation can make your business more competitive and contribute to its long-term survival. Moreover, most solar-powered systems do not affect daily operations. And if you’re looking to sell the building, installing solar-powered panels is a good idea.

Adding solar to your business makes financial sense. Not only does it reduce your electricity bills, but it also reduces your carbon footprint. Not only does it look good on your carbon footprint, but it can also improve customer loyalty. It is also a good idea to go green by going solar. You can join a long-standing list of successful businesses that have chosen to use this energy source. You’ll be glad you did. So go solar today and get more business!

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