Choosing a Residential Roofing Color

Choosing the perfect roof color for your home is an important aspect of home design. Not only does it affect the overall appearance, but it can also affect the energy efficiency of your home. The right color can make your home stand out while blending in with the neighborhood. There are four main factors to consider when choosing a residential roof color: the architectural style of the home, its color, its location, and the climate in your area.

The first consideration when choosing a roof color is the neighborhood and community in which you live. You may not want to offend your neighbors by choosing a color that is out of keeping with the neighborhood. Also, many communities have strict rules regarding colors and materials for their roofs. To avoid potential conflicts, consult your local homeowners association to learn about their rules and policies regarding colors and materials.

Another consideration when choosing a roof color is the size of the home. A smaller home looks better with a light-colored roof, while a larger one would look better with a dark color. While this is a general rule, there are exceptions. Choosing a dark color can balance out the exterior of a house, which makes the structure seem less intimidating and grounded.

Color selection is crucial, especially for metal roofs. Since metal roofs are durable and will retain their color over time, you must choose a color that complements the other colors of the home. You should also take time to check samples of metal roof colors to ensure that they match the overall color of your home. For consultation on what color to choose visit a local roofing company in your area.

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