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Interesting Criminal Law Cases: The Dingo trial

Posted on Jan 17, 2016 by in Criminal Law |

e346ac4eb1c9faa487f32899b399e0edAzaria Chamberlain was a baby whose life was allegedly taken by a wild dog in August 1980 when she and her family went on a camping t0rip. Baby girl’s parents Michael and Lindy said that dingo, which was situated near camping area, took the baby away. However Lindy Chamberlain was found guilty for murder, she was serving her sentence for three years straight, when baby’s clothes appeared near the dingo lair. After 32 years from Azaria’s death, her parent’s story was confirmed.

Prosecution alleged that Lindy cut her daughter’s throat in the front seat of a car and then put her body in large camera case, then she returned to other campers and when she headed to her tent cried out that her baby was taken by a dingo. When other campers went for search, she disposed of the body.

One of the witnesses testified that she had heard baby girl crying in the time she had to be dead already, but it didn’t help Lindy’s defense. Defense’s case was rejected by jury, Lindy Chamberlain was convicted to life in prison. Michael Chamberlain, father of the baby was found guilty as an accomplice after the murder and he got a probation of 18 months.

Dingo Case |Trial by Media

In November 1983 Lindy made an appeal to High Court on the ground that verdict was unsatisfactory and unsafe but it was declined by majority of judges in a short time.

dingoIn 1986, police searched area near the dingo lairs, they searched for the bones dingo’s took away and found Azaria’s jacket, for her mother claimed was on her. The Minister ordered immediate release of Lindy Chamberlain and reopening of the case. Court unanimously overturned Michael and Lindy’s convictions and they were later awarded with A$1.3 million in compensation for wrongful imprisonment. Their legal expenses were thrice higher.

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