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Interesting Criminal Law Cases: Scottsboro boys

Posted on Jan 18, 2016 by in Criminal Law |

Criminal law was and still is the most important branch of law in general, it protects most important human values such as life, health, property and so on. Criminal law cases are probably the most interesting ones because of all the trials to the most notorious criminals and also because of cruelest and the most bizarre ways of punishing criminals which have existed since Roman Law. In the past there were a lot of unfair trials which led to death of persons who weren’t guilty at all, this also unfair trial to nine Scottsboro boys was the trial that changed position of persons accused for crimes.


Nine African-American teenagers were arrested after few white boys accused them of attacking them, two girls were later claiming that several black boys attacked and raped them. Police arrested these nine boys who saw one another for the first time in that train, they were aged from 13 to 19. One was nearly blind and one suffered from syphilis, two of them were 13 year old boys.

Trial was colored with unfairness, there were all-white juries, rushed trials, changing of the judges and as it later turned out it was a frame up by these two girls Victoria Price and Ruby Bites. Ruby later admitted that all of that was a frame up but Victoria stuck to her story.

All except 13 year old boys were sentenced to death two times. At first all nine of them were defended by some cheap real estate attorney that their parents had money to hire. When the trials were repeated third and the last time 4 of the boys were released of accusations, the one suffering from syphilis, the one nearly blind and the kids. One of them was shot and terminally injured in prison while waiting his sentence and therefore released, two fled from the prison and one remained there. All except Clarence Norris were later arrested for other crimes or killed. Clarence Norris went into hiding and 1976 was pardoned and found not guilty for this crimes. He wrote an autobiography on this theme.

Scottsboro: An American Tragedy

If it wasn’t for these boys, the legal system that we have today probably wouldn’t exist and African American people would still be unfairly convicted for different crimes.

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